Hello everyone, just a quick update on things. Ten of the former residents of Romneyville are living in a cooperative housing setting in Tampa. We are in need of some help for those residents. Our needs include food, children’s clothes for school, hygiene items, and financial assistance with utilities. If you can help in any way contact me at 727 278 1547 or you can contact John at 813 967 0250. You can give directly to help with Utilities. If you know of any jobs, our residents are looking for jobs as well.

Also, we are excited about a book study that is beginning the 2nd Wednesday of October at 530pm. It is a book study of Chris Hedges new book, “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”. If interested in joining us, please email me at bgcwright@aol.com, or Facebook me at Society of St. Gemma Galgani. You can also call me at 727 278 1547. An Event page and facebook page is forth coming. The book study will take place at the L Train in St. Petersburg, Florida. The address is 900 Central Ave., Suite 25B. We will be putting more info on line. www.economichumanrights.org, www.refugestpete.org