Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is stepping up its farm organizing.  We are committed to working toward a city where our communities can support themselves.  No longer will people, our friends and families and children, go hungry while vacant land sits empty and unused.  We are no longer waiting for politicians to address the problems in this the second hungriest congressional district in the nation or the 40,000 vacant lots in Philadelphia or the many environmental problems we face everyday and will increasingly face. For this, we need support from our members and friends.

Starting this February, PPEHRC will begin a campaign to distribute food and educate our neighbors about Kensington Farm at 3rd and Cumberland.  Before we even begin growing food this spring, we will be meeting the immediate needs of our community.  We will also distribute fliers that double as tokens for food available at informational meetings about the farm.  For the past two years we have sowed the seeds of a community farm on those lots, and this year we are aiming to raise community involvement to a new level.  We are working to give the farm the roots it needs to help our desperate situation.

We have some immediate needs in order for this project to be successful.  Most importantly for this winter, we are in need of a truck, to transport food, soil, and tools, among other things.  We also need benches and bricks, stones, and other materials to build paths so that we can start fixing up the lot before the weather is warmer.  Some ongoing needs are gloves, topsoil, basic gardening tools, a shed, seeds, and a fire plug key for water.  Help us in our effort to raise 2,000 dollars to hire a full time farmer.   ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please contact Tara Colon at Tara.B.P.Colon@gmail.com or 2158694753