Dear friends, we are in Charlotte, NC at the DNC protests. When the Phillie contingent comes in, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign will have 35 of our members here. We are at encampment at Marshall Park in downtown Charlotte. Several Occupies, including Occupy Wall Street are here. Also, St. Pete for Peace, Code Pink, the Green Party, Veterans For Peace. We are establishing our encampment as Obamaville, as we speak. It appears that the Democratic Machine is on overtime in attempting to co-opt the protestors. We are on public land, in a very nice park on a small lake. The park already had port-a-lets that were provided indirectly by democratic party supporters.


The Coalition to March on the DNC recently changed names a few months ago to the Coalition to March on Wall street South. They are not organziing any marches during the DNC. They did their March yesterday. Hmmm? Curious why are they not organizing anything during the actual DNC? The site we are at is right next to the Sheriffs dept. and the Jail. Why there? Lots of questions. But, in spite of that we are going to continue to do actions. We now have lots of friends with the OWS (occupy wall street) that have mentioned that they want to be a part of the Campaign and work with us.
We do have some planned teach-ins on the following subjects: Housing Takeovers and Foreclosures Resistance, Autonomous Movements and Social Centers, and The Church and Radical Politics. We will be distributing the People’s Tribune. We are also helping support and organize around a Foreclosure Resistance Action at 5 pm. We will be supporting some actions around Code Pink and Anti-war actions. And, we will be doing some actions around a live broadcast of FOX “news” in the early morning. We are also looking at doing a housing takeover here as well. We have a very good group of Poor People’s Campaign people with us, including a homeless family with a young daughter and a homeless gentleman in a wheel chair. All of our group of 13 people, are anxious and willing to participate in actions together. We struggled to get up and here. And, we could use any support and help that anyone can give, financially. Call me at 727 278 1547 to help.
Lastly, Romneyville continues in Tampa with about 15 people holding down the fort till we get back. We will have to be out of there by Sept. 17th. We certainly could use everyone’s help. We still need Food, Water, and Ice there, as well as financial help. Our plan is to either get another private property for encampment or look at housing takeovers. Or, we would try to raise funds to start 2 communal/cooperative houses. Our family that is in current housing takeover is doing well, but could use some plumbing help. They are also looking for jobs, if you know of someone hiring in Tampa. They also need some help with Food, furniture, Refrigerator, TV, and water.
Thanks to everyone that helped make “Romneyville”, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, the Refuge and all efforts around the RNC, DNC and movement’s toward Social and Economic Justice. We are also greatful to the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign members and our founder Cheri Honkala. If you can help us in any way, especially financially ( we need some support to get home from Charlotte),please contact us at 727 278 1547 for details on how to help. Our future plans include creating cooperative housing and a Social Center/Drop in Center. Please call us for details.
In closing, for myself and the Refuge, as Christian Ministries, we believe that this work we are doing is vital to showing and representing Christ and true Gospel values of Love, Justice and Mercy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “that arch of history bends toward Justice…” and we must commit ourselves to that.

Sincerely, Rev. Bruce Wright,, or, go to facebook/Romneyville