The World Court of Women Needs Your Help

The World Court Of Women on Poverty and Homelessness Needs your help!

Can you help with any of the following?:
1. Transportation along the East Coast to Philly
2. Frequent flyer miles
3. Typing up testimony of poor families
4. Local Out reach
5. Collecting clean blankets and cots
6. Offering your home, your organization, union or church to allow someone or several
people to take a shower.
7. Tokens or money for public transportation
8. Help with translation during court
9. Social Media
10. Registration
11. Serving Food
12. Clean up- Friday, Sat. and Sunday
13. Food preparation Friday, Sat & Sunday morning
14. Music, poetry or other art and cultural expressions of the plight or resistance.
15. Childcare workers Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.
Please donate money online on the following link.
Call or email to get involved  215-869-4753. Your help is needed to make this court happen!
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