It is my belief that the Occupation movements must continue to be a horizontally led independent movement of the People. It must be an Anti-Global Corporate Capitalist movement. I agree completely that Move ON, Van Jones, The Tea Party and specifically the Corporate two party system must be resisted. Unfortunately, there are in the Occupy Movement some that believe that the system can be reformed and that the problem is only “Crony Capitalism”, which in my mind is just an excuse for keeping the Capitalist system going. This is most often expressed in those who call themselves “Libertarians”. This is often expressed by middle class individuals who have only just begun to feel the pressure of the Collapsing system.


As long as people continue to defend property over people and value property to that level it will hinder the Revolution. Those individuals that feel this way do not have the Historic experience of oppressed people of color or poor white people. This why they often so willingly consider the Police part of the 99%, even with all the examples in this country and abroad of Police Repression. This is why most notably what is happening in Egypt, Oakland, Wall Street and many other Occupations is so important. One begins to wonder what it take for those in the Movement that still don’t understand this to understand. In both the Occupations in Tampa and St. Petersburg, this continues to be a problem and has hindered any full occupation to happen. Both the Tampa Bay and Charlotte, NC are important Occupations because that is where both the Corporate Parties, Democrat and Republican will have the Conventions in 2012.

It is therefore critical that we cannot allow any infiltrations or co-options to happen. The violence that happens in communities of color, poor people, and the various occupation movements around the world are initiated by the Police, not the People. The Police protect the interests of Corporate power and are occupying forces in low income communities and have been for many years. Only recently is the middle class feeling this. So many people do not want to face this or look at it. But, it is critical to understand this as the movement continues to mature. We owe it to all of our fallen and injured comrades in Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and yes the United States and it’s occupation Movements, and of course around the world. It is also why those who come from Religious Prophetic traditions, must also speak out.

Jesus was in fact a Revolutionary who resisted the Wall Street of his day in turning over the money changers in the Temple. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Malcolm X, Dorothy Day followed that tradition. Police Power, the Empire of the Corporate Capitalist State must be resisted. It is the task of Revolutionaries, including Spiritual Revolutionaries to organize and resist with that Understanding. People must always take priority over both property and profit. This culture continues to fetishize property and profit. The Occupy movement is a movement based on mutual power sharing and confronting the system of Corporate Greed.

Those in the Corporate Fascist Structure of this Country and Corporate interests around the world will always put money and power over people. This is why this Revolutionary movement is so important and it cannot in any way support Capitalism or the 2 party system and the Police that protect this system. It is only when the 1% and the Police relinquish this Position that they become the 99%

Thanks, Rev. Bruce Wright,