Article: The Current Crisis, Housing, and What is our Reaction?

The current situation with our economy by most economists and futurists seems to indicate that things are only gonna get worse. In spite of the pontifications of both the Obama Campaign apologists and the Romney Campaign apologists, things continue to get worse, not only here, but around the world. The answer from the Corporate controlled plutocracy continues to be cutbacks domestically, while continuing to give the wealthy and the corporations tax breaks, and continuing to spend money on continuous war around the world.

While real unemployment continues to rise and more and more families continue to lose their homes to foreclosure, 8 million and counting, neither party and their leaders seem to really care or have any real answers. The “p” word, poverty is not even in the discourse. But, there is a movement rising! As the ranks of the poor and homeless continue to rise at a breath taking pace, people are beginning to look at alternatives to this housing crisis and alternatives to this economy. People are taking things into their own hands and creating their own economies and taking over abandoned and bank owned houses. It is my belief, and the belief of many in this beleaguered class that banks, who got bailed out, while the people didn’t, no longer have any right to keep a hold of houses and other properties that they have foreclosed on, in many case illegally. Why should banks retain property that they, in effect, stole from we the working people!
So, all around the country people are taking over properties that banks and the government stole from them. Like the song says, “…gonna take back what they stole from me…”. In the Tampa bay area where I am from, People are beginning to explore and act on taking over houses, creating local economies, planting community gardens and other creative means of taking back the economy. When the Republican Convention happened in Tampa, we the people took over houses, created Poor People’s Encampments (i.e “Romneyville”), and planted gardens and reclaimed food. In spite of the Local and National Powers that be and their Corporate interests, people did what they needed to to survive and create and growth this struggle of the oppressed class. Study groups are emerging all over the Tampa Bay area, and all over the country as a result of this growing struggle and the newly infused growth of this movement from the various “Occupy” actions. We are seeing the seeds of Revolution grow and it is long overdue!

By Rev. Bruce Wright,