Keep Puerto Rican Evacuees in Housing!

After the hurricanes Maria and Irma struck Puerto Rico in September, over 800 families have arrived in Philadelphia. These evacuees lost their homes, communities, and livelihoods. In December, the Philadelphia Emergency Management Disaster Services Assistance Center, which assisted evacuees, closed. Now, this week, many of these families are facing homelessness as they will lose the federal voucher for the temporary housing they rely on.

We call on Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to take immediate action to extend aid for Puerto Rican evacuees’ temporary housing and formulate an agreement between Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico to gain formal recognition as a “host state” in order to access the necessary federal aid to support these families in need.

Your support can go even further than a signature by calling the Governor’s office on Latino Affairs at 215-560-2640. It is up to us to ensure that these families are not thrown out on the streets!

Please sign the petition, call the Governor’s office, and share this petition with all your friends and family!

Housing is a human right!