Projects of Survival

Housing Takeovers

As a Poor People’s Campaign, we believe everyone has the right to housing. In response, we reclaim vacant government owned homes to house homeless families and individuals that are often turned away from city shelters or are victims of fire, domestic violence, and/or foreclosure.

Food Distribution

Philadelphia is located in PA’s First Congressional District which has the highest rate of food insecurity in the nation, with over 36% of its households reporting that they lack the money to buy enough food. As a response, we are committed to addressing the issues of hunger, health, and nutrition within the Kensington Neighborhood by growing our own food, identifying surplus food in our community, and distributing it to those in need.


  • Urban Farming

We are currently partnering with the Norris Square Neighborhood Project to create an urban farm for PPEHRC. The sole purpose of our farm is to end hunger in our community by growing food and distributing it for free to those in need.