Our Strategy

In our efforts to pursue economic justice, we strongly believe that we must build a movement for where the people who are most impacted are at the forefront. Our direction cannot be determined by the so called “progressive strategy” that is disconnected from the day to day inhumane reality that poor people live in. We must build independent of the corporations that are keeping us impoverished, incarcerated, and denying our children a future. We may be poor but we are critical thinkers. We are no longer looking at things on face value. We examine where money comes from. This is true in the establishment of our organizational relationships and in dealing with our elected officials. We even look at this when it comes to the law.

We are committed to challenging unjust laws even if it means going to jail. Yes, this is a scary adventure because we are often ignored and they are trying to hide and isolate us. For some of us in this movement, they are beginning to attack. However, we know that we have nothing to lose but the creation of a better world and society to pass onto our children. Please join us in our effort to challenge this broken system and create real systemic change, to empower leaders amongst the ranks of the poor, and to develop strategies to fund our movement independent of corporations.

With your support, we can create the better world we all know is possible.