Please join us at the Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit, Sept. 19-21. Come to NYC or bring Convergence to your community by holding a solidarity event wherever you are.

Be part of history in the making, as we challenge thecorporate-dominated UN Climate Summit Sept. 23rd and raise the bar for real solutions to the climate emergency that also solve the crises of economic and racial justice, human rights, democracy and peace. There is simply no way to halt the neoliberal corporate assault in one sector of society while it rages on in all the others. Part conference, skill share and festival, the Convergence will build the movement for the long haul – with speakers, workshops, teach-ins, music, artful activism and community in the run up to the People’s Climate March, the largest climate demonstration in history. The Convergence brings us together to lift up local fronts of struggle and harness the transformative power we have as a unified movement. We will raise the bar for solutions as big as the crisis we’re facing, and put the politics we need into the fight against climate change.

Specifically the Convergence is calling for:
-Tens of millions of living wage jobs in renewables, conservation and public transportation.
– Climate-friendly food & farming. New water and sanitation systems.
-A just transition off fossil fuels and nuclear energy by 2030.
-An emergency transition to a new kind of economy that puts people and planet over profit.
-Taxing the rich and slashing the bloated military budget.

The Convergence is expanding traditional climate organizing to highlight front line environmental justice communities, Indigenous nations, labor, anti-poverty, youth, immigrant rights, peace and anti-nuclear causes. We are working to provide very low cost transportation and accommodations to enable front line communities to be in NYC to lead the charge.Visit to learn more, register, help organize, propose a teach-in, and to join as an endorsing or sponsoring organization.Come seize the moment to build an unstoppable movement for people, planet and peace over profit, and the future we all deserve.