Get Involved

  • Host a Speaking Engagement – One specific way that we continue to build the movement for economic human rights is through educational speaking engagements. Throughout the year, PPEHRC leaders are invited to speak at various universities, churches, and community organizations across the country about our organization’s vision and work as a way to raise awareness on various issues surrounding poverty and injustice. These speaking engagements also serve as financial support for PPEHRC’s movement to abolish poverty.Our main speaker is our National Coordinator and Co-Founder, Cheri Honkala. Cheri is a nationally and internationally recognized anti-poverty and human rights advocate. For the past 25 years she has dedicated her life to creating a movement led by the poor, not their advocates. Honkala has organized numerous protests, holding marches, demonstrations and setting up tent cities, in the course of which activities she has been arrested for civil disobedience violations more than 200 times. If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement, please fill out this form and we will get back to you about your request and our availability.


  • Intern with PPEHRC – Our organization is dedicated to cultivating future leaders of activism to facilitate widespread change in their own communities and abroad.  As such, it offers several opportunities for internships, in multiple organizational categories:


  • #1 – Media Manager
    • Responsibilities: Media managers will utilize several of PPEHRC’s contact and media resources to keep potential donors, volunteers, members and the general population up to date on what PPEHRC is accomplishing in the world, in addition to what further assistance the campaign needs and what events will be taking place in the future.  Furthermore, managers will create flyers and advertisements for events and distribute them in mass.
    • Skills: Interns will learn how to operate important tools such as WordPress and MailChimp newsletters.  The duties also require proficient use of multiple social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other blogs.  Graphic design abilities will prove useful for developing flyers and ads that are visually appealing and effective.  
  • #2 – Event Secretary
    • Responsibilities: Event Secretaries will help plan speaking engagements and events while managing calendars and planners.  Speaking engagement planning involves contacting multiple institutions of higher education, social justice organizations, churches (and other places of worship), and more.  These engagements are a large source of funding for the campaign and are thus vital to its continuing operation, while also promoting the campaigns interest in educating the public about the prevalence of poverty in America.  The Event Secretary will also work with the director of PPEHRC to develop fundraising and community-building events, which will then be handed over to the media managers for advertisement.  They also organize, regularly update, and promote event calendars to prevent the conflict of event times and keep the organization running smoothly.
    • Skills: Interns will need and refine strong organizational and communication skills to work efficiently in the face of multiple tasks.  Proficient use of online calendars and frequent email usage are crucial to the position.
  • #3 – Fundraising Director
    • Responsibilities: Fundraising Directors apply to multiple sources for grants from nonprofits and charitable foundations.  In addition, they request donations from several locations to acquire food, heating units, clothing, toys for children, and more.  Moreover, when emergency funds are needed, fundraising directors work with media managers to contact as many previous donors and members as possible to secure needed funds.  They also will constantly research and develop new events and fundraising ideas to best fund the campaign.
    • Skills: Fundraising directors will learn how to write formal donation requests, process federal and state tax forms, efficiently research under pressure, and how to professionally communicate with corporate and personal donors.


  • Join our Alternative Spring Break Program
    Every spring we connect with various colleges and universities to invite students interested in social and economic justice to participate in our Alternative Spring Break Program. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from seasoned leaders about organizing for economic human rights and be part of the movement to end poverty.Students who have participated in past programs have had the opportunity to work on our urban farm, go on a reality tour of the Kensington community, organize fundraising efforts, participate in protests / demonstrations, and be involved with home defense and anti-foreclosure work. During their stay, students live with PPEHRC host families in North Philadelphia. Educationals are provided throughout the week which are led by various PPEHRC leaders. Some educational topics include: housing takeovers, political democracy, and the politics of poverty, hunger, and homelessness.For those interested in participating in our Alternative Spring Break Program or wanting to learn more, please contact our Coordinator, Meaghan Russell, at


  • Join our Summer of Social Action Program – Every summer PPEHRC holds a volunteer internship program for high school and college students interested in social and economic justice. This is a great opportunity to work in a grassroots setting and learn from seasoned leaders about organizing for economic human rights.


  • Support Low-Income Families –  As a Poor People’s Campaign, we are in constant need of supplies to help low-income families in our community meet their basic needs. If you know of a local business or organization with surplus or would like to make a personal donation to the organization, below is a list of common needs.
    • Clothing (all ages)
    • Baby Supplies (clothing, food, toys, bottles, diapers, etc.)
    • Household Items (bedding, dishes, appliances,
    • Furniture
    • Garden Supplies (tools, dirt, seeds, wood for beds
    • Food

Visit our contact page to arrange a donation drop-off or pick-up