I was blessed to have the opportunity to join PPERHC for their Alternative Spring Break. In both the social justice and environmental movements today, I am constantly troubled by the disconnect between those affected by inequality and injustice and those who attempt to respond to it. PPERHC is a powerful example where this gap is closed. Poor people around the country are effected on a daily basis, directly or indirectly by the lack of responsibility that the government and large corporations take for the communities whose space they exploit. Not everyone feels able to stand up to these injustices. Many are able to put class war, drug war, resource war on the back burner-as if there are other more important issues, as if these issues will only effect us in the future.

PPEHRC is an amazing group of people who embody direct action and real response to human struggles. Cheri and all of the people who work with her know that the tipping point has already come. I was so humbled by their dedication and their ability to whisk new people into their world, without discrimination, judgement or hesitation. I truly felt the reality and power of people coming together-all kinds of people-because these issues are urgent, because this world needs support and change.

I implore you to get involved with the amazing work they do and lend a hand in whatever way you are able. Regardless of our situation, we all have something to give. Let the members of PPEHRC be a constant reminder of this.
Claire Marshall