Build Our House Project

We Build Our House

Sustainable, supportive housing, organised by poor and homeless people, for poor and homeless people. Working to end homelessness in Philadelphia through justice and compassion.


Who we are:

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign has been working for decades to build a movement that unites the poor across color lines. We are mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents; we are the unemployed, the working poor, the downsized, the homeless, the victims of welfare reform and NAFTA, the cast-asides of the new economy; we are social workers, religious leaders, labor leaders, artists, lawyers, and other people of conscience; we are young and old; we live in rural areas and in urban centers. We are committed to uniting the poor as the leadership base for a broad movement to abolish poverty everywhere and forever.  We work to move resources to poor and homeless people so that our people can have safety and support. We provide resources and solutions in this system while we work to change the system.


What we’re doing:

We will acquire vacant single-family rowhomes and twins in Philadelphia, substantially rehabilitate them and then rent them to homeless individuals and families at subsidized, affordable rates.

Community volunteer labor and sweat equity will accomplish a great deal of the construction work, using green building principles and practices.  PPEHRC will establish a Community Land Trust (CLT) to ensure the perpetual affordability of the houses.

In addition to providing affordable housing PPEHRC’s Human Rights Houses will provide job training programs and  support services like mental health care and substance abuse treatment. We will offer this support alongside and interwoven with our work of supporting the leadership of poor and homeless people to organise for human rights and economic justice.


We do not seek pity. We do seek power to end conditions that threaten all of us with economic human rights violations. Will you join us?


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