• March 15th at 4:00pm – March 17th at noon
  • At Church of the Overcomer, just outside Philly at 1010 Sunset St, Trainer, PA 19061
  • Cost is sliding scale, with meals included, childcare included.
  • Register HERE.
We’ve launched the POOR PEOPLE’S ARMY with allies! Please join us for the first Bootcamp to train soldiers for the Poor People’s Army. The ruling class has their own army and police, disciplined and united. Our side needs just as much training, education, experience, and discipline to fight for justice for poor and working people (though with different, emancipatory tactics).  Friday will be the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical welcome and introductions. We’ll look at mental intelligence, healing, responsibility to others, self-discipline, planning, and political organizing and education. And dinner! Bring your sleeping bag and lights out early. Saturday wake up early for showers and your choice of physical fitness– calisthenics, nature walk, yoga/meditation. Breakfast then another round of introductions. Today’s program is about tools, tactics, and leadership in the movement. We’ll use videos, short writings, exercises to explore the importance of self-education and commitment. How do we move beyond indecision and hold up to scrutiny? How does one lead when things don’t go according to plan? We’ll talk about how to move beyond mental and physical exhaustion, how to delegate and share responsibilities, and how to recruit others to join the army. We’ll look at the “Underground Railroad” today, and turning our depots into bases in the Poor People’s Army. We’ll discuss the necessity of “projects of survival” with Underground Railroad, organizing, and principles of unity, and our strategy. We are also excited to offer a youth component of training, and opportunities for kids and young adults’ voices to be heard. Lunch and Dinner are included. Sunday we will focus on morale and service. After breakfast, we’ll have a church/spiritual Service that’s inclusive, and explores questions of morale and drawing on difficult times in history. We will work on a Project of Survival as an example, plan next steps, then say our farewells. REGISTER NOW! Related image