Throughout the month of March, we have had groups of students come from Wesleyan University, Salisbury University, Swarthmore College, and Oberlin College to participate in our Alternative Spring Break Program. Throughout the program students were involved in organizing for the US Social Forum, advocating for the Voter’s Choice Act, working on our urban farm, participating in a march for voter’s rights, going on a reality tour, participating in educationals about opting out, homelessness, the drug war, and working on creating a policy to promote human rights for housing in Philadelphia.

Below are some of the Student’s reflections of their experience

 Week 1 – Wesleyan University

“The week I spent at PPEHRC was very important to me. Having recently moved to the United States, I have been shocked by the visible results of the injustices that I had previously only read about. Meeting the people at PPEHRC showed me that there are people organizing outside of the entrenched systems of oppression to reclaim the act of being good to one another. ” – Ben Plafker

Week 2 – Salisbury University

“Participating with the PPEHRC during my spring break was one of the most beneficial aspects of my college experiences. Unlike classes and coursework where the assigned tasks do not often go beyond achieving a grade, the work that is done at the PPEHRC, for example, advocating housing rights for homeless people, will allow the intern students to become informed and experts on the actions of the activists, and how they organize things. While my stay with the PPEHRC, I have witnessed and learnt that job can be very challenging, and also the knowledge gained from the experiences has been very valuable to me. Students who intern at the PPEHRC can gain knowledge of how to organize, catalog, and planning or proposing a policy, as well as have the opportunity to interact with many other non-profit organizations. The knowledge gained through this Alternative Spring Break program will prove very valuable to me of preservation, providing experience into how to best assist people who are in need.” – Gim Lalramlian