U.S. Social Forum is Coming to Philadelphia

The US Social Forum taking place in Philadelphia summer of 2015 is a convergence driven by the understanding that people’s movements are what create social change.  It is an opportunity for regional and issue-specific social justice projects to work towards broader unity.  The goal is to map out action plans for a cohesive movement and organize to be on the offense against all forms of oppression.

The USSF is the next most important step in our struggle to build a powerful and inclusive movement that transforms this country and the world.  We will reach far and near to lift up our people so that they can be heard and know they are not alone.  Through learning together we will tear down divisions and put into practice the idea that ‘Your Fight Is My Fight’.

USSF3 will be unlike any social forum previously held in the US.  It will be ‘polycentric’ or multi-sited to enable greater participation across diverse regions of the country.  Each polycentric USSF site will hold spaces for strategy discussions, political education, People’s Movement Assemblies, local actions, arts and culture, community building, and healing and collective empowerment. All sites will be linked through shared communication & infrastructure to begin to build powerful responses and solutions to the crises in our local, national and global communities. National working groups will support building of capacity and skills in each of the sites and regions.



For more information: 

Email: outreach@ussfphilly.org
Website: ussfphilly.org