The Voter’s Choice Act

On March 11th, 2015, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and our first group of Alternative Spring Break Students took to the State Capitol in Harrisburg to ask our elected representatives about their positions on the proposed Voter’s Choice Act. The VCA helps make elections fair again by removing the ridiculous barriers on minor parties and independent candidates, who may be required to gather as many as 32 times the signatures as Democrats and Republicans have to get for access to the primaries. We went to the office of Senator Folmer, who has proposed the Act, as well as Senators Williams, Hughes, Tartaglione, and Haywood.


The general feeling we received was that the VCA is a low priority for all, even Williams, who is co-sponsoring but whose assistant had no idea about the bill’s progress. We created a short video about our experiences and intend to use it to raise awareness of the VCA and pressure on our elected representatives. For those who are disaffected by the two major (corporate) parties in America, especially those low-income people who have been constantly targeted by the presence of money in politics, the VCA represents a powerful way forward and we should all rally to see it passed.


Watch our video here:

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