Operation Green Jobs

What are the most dire issues we face? If you’re like most Americans, you’d probably say the climate crisis and the jobs crisis. So why is Washington so obsessed with budget cuts and fossil fuels? Don’t ask members of Congress who have been purchased by corporate lobbyists, ask the ones with the receipts: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We’re leading a march of the long-term unemployed from Philadelphia, PA to Washington, DC directly to the Chamber’s front door.

Even while the US Chamber of Commerce has the word “JOBS” hung on the front of their building, they’ve been working overtime to lobby for job-killing austerity policies that punish the poor to cushion the rich. They’ve been spending millions to bring about the approval of the catastrophic Keystone XL pipeline while remaining silent on green energy programs that would save the climate and create jobs. So from May 18th to May 24th, a group of Americans who have been the hardest hit by the recession will march on the US Chamber of Commerce, holding them accountable for buying off Congress.

With your help, we can launch the direct action phase of this campaign, and kick off actions against the US Chamber all across the country. If you can’t come to Philly or DC, make a small donation to support the effort through our website.

We can turn Washington on its head by exposing the US Chamber of Commerce for what they really are.

(Check out the official march route at bit.ly/greenjobsroute and click here to RSVP on Facebook)