March for Our Lives at the Democratic National Convention 2016

0001(1)The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is announcing the next March for Our Lives which will take place on Opening Day of the Democratic National Convention at Broad Street Philadelphia, beginning at 3  p.m.  We call on the poor of all colors, generations, genders and other divisive labels to join us in the ongoing battle against poverty.

This year’s Democratic National Convention will cost the city of Philadelphia an upwards of $60 million, even though the city purports it cannot house its 650 unsheltered homeless people nor provide fresh food to the 370,000 Philadelphians who have little to no access in their own neighborhoods.

The march will draw attention to the economic issues that are decimating our city and country. Some of these issues include-but are unfortunately not limited to-ending homelessness with a zero tolerance for its continuation, providing living wage jobs for all, ending hunger, providing affordable, accessible housing, fighting for a livable minimum wage, increasing access to education, and fully restoring city services for the people. In short, these necessities of life should be considered a right, which the Democratic Party must openly acknowledge and quickly resolve.  This march is necessary to demonstrate that the poverty-stricken people do not feel represented by the Democratic Party.  The party has been labeled as the poor people’s party, but we demand that they earn it.

On both sides of the political aisle have parties furthered the criminalization and alienation of the poor and homeless-a phenomenon that must end.

Place: South Side of Philadelphia City Hall, marching down Broad Street

Time: Assemble at 3 p.m , July 25th

Contact Cheri Honkala by call or text at 215-869-4753 or email at



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