Success For PPEHRC!!!!

March along broad street

The past week has been a huge success for PPEHRC. We started the week strong with March 4 Our Lives , the march along broad street to help end poverty and homelessness. Thousands of people joined us at 3pm on the south side of city hall , some even speaking to the crowd. On Wednesday we had a ‘fart in’ serving beans in South Philly in front of the AT&T station to the delegates who walked out of the Democratic National Convention, the beans symbolizing our belief that the two party system in America stinks!! Bloggers and reporters alike joined us as we shined light on the unfairness of the two party system in a humorous yet stimulating way. While these events took place we managed to have a somewhat successful Clintonville, even though two huge thunderstorms happened to destroy the area, forcing us to rebuild twice, we still did our best to accommodate homeless people around the Philadelphia area with makeshift homes in a field down American and Lehigh.

Overall its been an incredibly great week for PPEHRC and we feel as though we can create more success in cities around the US. PPEHRC works hard by making efforts to help homeless people, poverty is a huge issue in America and we put forth a lot of effort to lower these incredibly high statistics. Everything from protest to discussions with government officials, we make it our duty to help those who suffer through poverty and homelessness. If you would like to start a PPEHRC chapter in your very own city and can manage to gather at least 5 people who would like to participate in PPEHRC, and then contact the organization we are willing to help contribute to making the organization grow. This is a huge step towards creating more rights for people and together we can all help this organization expand!!

PPEHRC Ticket Sales

PPEHRC are having a sale on Tyler Perry play  “Medea On The Run” tickets. Sold out show for tonight at 7:30 pm, we have six tickets available for sixty dollars. The original price or hundred fifty dollars has been cut, balcony seating, South Broad Merria Theatre. You can contact as on are facebook or twitter account. Half the income goes to the PPEHRC organization.

End Hunger in Kensington

Kensington Farm

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign needs your help to support the farm at 3rd and Cumberland to feed our community.

 We need your help to turn vacant lots into farms. These farms will provide us with a free source of healthy food.

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Follow Guillermo Santos’ Walk to D.C. to Protest Public School Budget Cuts


Guillermo Santos, a student at John Moffet Elementary School, will participate in the City Wide Walk Out at noon today, May 17th, 2013 to protest the public school budget cuts.

Guillermo Santos, a 4th grader, a member of the Student Council, choir & drumming, saxophone and Jr. Fire Patrol, will walk out from his beloved John Moffet Elemetary School at noon with letters from all of the children at Moffet.

“We are both devastated and outraged that nobody seems to care about taking away our right to education.” I will make sure that the students of Moffet School will be heard.” Gillermo’s walk to Washington D.C. can be followed on his blog.