PPEHRC Needs your Help!

PPEHRC needs your help, especially if you live in Philadelphia or nearby.

Do you have any construction skills? Would you like to donate clothing, blankets, or canned food for homeless families? Do you know of any churches or organizations who would like to assist homeless women?

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CHAM, a PPEHRC Organization, Fights Sequester in Silicon Valley

The sequester — a federal cutting of the budget due to DC gridlock — is hitting Silicon Valley’s elderly, disabled, and low-income families especially hard.  In one of the costliest places to live in the nation, Section 8 tenants are seeing rents skyrocket as a result of the sequester, and many now face homelessness. This video was produced in collaboration with the Community Homeless Alliance Ministries, a group that is organizing against the rent increases.

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Cheri Honkala and PPEHRC File Criminal Charges against PA Official for Leaving Thousands Without Gas

Cheri Honkala Entering the Office of the District Attorney

On Tuesday afternoon, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and allies filed criminal charges against Catherine Buhrig, the Director of Federal Services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  PPEHRC has charged Buhrig with simple assault because of her failure to fulfill her duty of processing all Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program applications within 30 days.  Due to her irresponsible actions, an estimated 9,000 families in Philadelphia and statewide are living without gas in their homes.  For now these families do not have gas to cook their food and heat their water. However, once winter arrives they will also be living without heat.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Increase Poverty

The much touted, at least by multinational corporations and some governments, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, has grave consequences for the so-called poor of the world, including those in the United States. This agreement, clouded in secrecy, has been characterized as something akin to “NAFTA on steroids!” But, what exactly does it mean for the poor and working class of the United States?

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