Cheri Honkala and PPEHRC File Criminal Charges against PA Official for Leaving Thousands Without Gas

Cheri Honkala Entering the Office of the District Attorney

On Tuesday afternoon, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and allies filed criminal charges against Catherine Buhrig, the Director of Federal Services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  PPEHRC has charged Buhrig with simple assault because of her failure to fulfill her duty of processing all Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program applications within 30 days.  Due to her irresponsible actions, an estimated 9,000 families in Philadelphia and statewide are living without gas in their homes.  For now these families do not have gas to cook their food and heat their water. However, once winter arrives they will also be living without heat.

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The Current Crisis, Housing and What is our Reaction?









Article: The Current Crisis, Housing, and What is our Reaction?

The current situation with our economy by most economists and futurists seems to indicate that things are only gonna get worse. In spite of the pontifications of both the Obama Campaign apologists and the Romney Campaign apologists, things continue to get worse, not only here, but around the world. The answer from the Corporate controlled plutocracy continues to be cutbacks domestically, while continuing to give the wealthy and the corporations tax breaks, and continuing to spend money on continuous war around the world.

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