World Court of Women On Poverty In Philadelphia at AFSC Oct 18,19 & 20th









The next planning meeting for the court in Philadelphia is  at the PPEHRC Education center at 174 W. Diamond. Everyone who wants to work is welcome. The following committees are now being formed for the court: organizing,media, fundraisng, documentation and more. Come help us plan for this historic court Oct. 2013. The meetings are held on Thursday nights at 6pm.

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Alternative Summer Break with PPEHRC

Are you a student interested in economic justice and human rights? Would you like to spend your summer break doing something meaningful and learning from seasoned organizers? Well PPEHRC is the experience you’ve been waiting for! Just send an email to Meaghan Russell today and she will send you an application and all the information that you need. Meaghan’s email is

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The Current Crisis, Housing and What is our Reaction?









Article: The Current Crisis, Housing, and What is our Reaction?

The current situation with our economy by most economists and futurists seems to indicate that things are only gonna get worse. In spite of the pontifications of both the Obama Campaign apologists and the Romney Campaign apologists, things continue to get worse, not only here, but around the world. The answer from the Corporate controlled plutocracy continues to be cutbacks domestically, while continuing to give the wealthy and the corporations tax breaks, and continuing to spend money on continuous war around the world.

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Hello everyone, just a quick update on things. Ten of the former residents of Romneyville are living in a cooperative housing setting in Tampa. We are in need of some help for those residents. Our needs include food, children’s clothes for school, hygiene items, and financial assistance with utilities. If you can help in any way contact me at 727 278 1547 or you can contact John at 813 967 0250. You can give directly to help with Utilities. If you know of any jobs, our residents are looking for jobs as well.

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Dear friends, we are in Charlotte, NC at the DNC protests. When the Phillie contingent comes in, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign will have 35 of our members here. We are at encampment at Marshall Park in downtown Charlotte. Several Occupies, including Occupy Wall Street are here. Also, St. Pete for Peace, Code Pink, the Green Party, Veterans For Peace. We are establishing our encampment as Obamaville, as we speak. It appears that the Democratic Machine is on overtime in attempting to co-opt the protestors. We are on public land, in a very nice park on a small lake. The park already had port-a-lets that were provided indirectly by democratic party supporters.

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News / RNC 2012 News
Green Party VP candidate Cheri Honkala speaks in Tampa’s “Romneyville”
Posted by Mitch Perry on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 6:38 PM

The Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, Philadelphia based activist Cheri Honkala, was in Tampa on Friday to discuss her fledgling campaign.

The founder of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, she was also here to talk up the group’s protest that will take place on the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday, August 27.

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Hello Friends, just to update on our Encampment set up for RNC protests called “Romneyville” of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (, we are in need of some immediate help.

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