Concert For Peace And Ending War


Franklin Square, 1300 I Street NW, Washington, DC 21223


  • NO DEAD MONSTERS (Punk Rock)
  • UN SUBS (Punk Rock)
  • Krown Deon (HipHop)
  • Pedro El Poeta Jarquin (HipHop)
  • THE ORIGINATORS (Alternative/Post Punk)
  • THE XILES (alternative punk)
  • MATT BISTOK BAND (Indy eclectic)
  • Activist Folk singer Ben Crosscup, and The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective, Miles Megaciph (hiphop)


We are calling for an End of NATO, as it doesn’t promote peace but continues to promote military intervention and War. WE ALSO CALL ON ALL ACTIVISTS TO STAND WITH THE ANTI WAR MOVT TO RESIST ANY CALL BY THE US GOVT FOR WAR AND A COUP OF MADURO’S GOVT IN VENEZUELA.

We are looking for Punk, Hardcore, Rock. Metal, Alternative, Indy, Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Poets, and Acoustic Riot Folk bands to play at this event. THIS EVENT IS SPONSORED IN PART BY The Refuge, Squatter Productions, Revolutionary Road Radio Show, Revolutionary Caucus, and the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign ( and other orgs TBA. THIS EFFORT IS A PART OF NATIONWIDE EFFORT TO BUILD AND NETWORK AN ARMY OF THE POOR AND HOMELESS. THIS EVENT IS FREE TO ALL!! ALL HOMELESS AND POOR FOLKS ARE INVITED TO JOIN US! FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED! ORGANIZATIONS ARE INVITED TO TABLE AT THIS EVENT! It will be a part of events that would happen March 30-April5th, 2019 in protest of NATO and it’s 70th anniversary on April 4th. Check out events with UNAC on March30th at Lafayette Park in DC ( And April 4th with WORLD BEYOND WAR (

This date is also on the Anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination by the US Govt. King spoke against the evils of war, materialism and racism. Artist or Bands who want to perform contact Bruce at 727 278 1547 or IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THIS EFFORT SEND DONATIONS TO Or, with questions call us.

February 2019 Updates: the Good, the Trials, the Tribulations

PPEHRC is off and running in 2019. Things are lining up to be a huge year for us, with a new office and a new army. But we’ve also got trials and tribulations, literally. We need to enlist your support and involvement.

The Good

  • We are pleased to announce that we have an AWESOME NEW OFFICE SPACE at the United Steelworkers Unionbuilding at 1505 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132. We have the second floor and are cleaning up the nice second floor to open up asap for headquarters, education & trainings, drop-ins and distributions. But we need donations in the form of: cleaning supplies, kitchen items (coffee mugs, coffeepot, water, small fridge), white board (markers & erasers), bulletin board, whiteboard calendar, lamps, plastic flowers and other decor, U.S. Map, copy paper, power strips, and office supplies.
  • We’ve launched the POOR PEOPLE’S ARMY with allies! The ruling class has their own army and police, disciplined and united. Our side needs just as much training, education,experience, and discipline to fight for justice for poor and working people (though with different, emancipatory tactics). Join us for the the first PoorPeople’s Army BOOTCAMP to take place March 15-17, at Church of the Overcomer, just outside Philly at 1010 Sunset St, Trainer, PA 19061. See the facebook event, and REGISTER HERE! Cost is sliding scale, with meals included.


  • We are pleased to announce a new Poor People’s Army SPEAKING TOUR! Help us share the strategies and tactics of PPEHRC and our allies, and explain the idea of and recruit for the Poor People’s Army. Cheri and members of the Army will be available to speak at colleges, universities, religious institutions, and other places. Help connect with paid speaking gigs, suggest partners and places. Contact Matt Pillischer with suggestions, bookings, and questions.

The Trials

  • CHERI’S FEDERAL CRIMINAL TRIAL begins in Washington DC on April 1 (No this is NOT an April Fool’s Joke!), at 9:30am in DC Superior Courthouse rm. 216-217! Homeland Security arrested Cheri while she was trying to speak with officials at HUD about the takeover of Puerto Rico by business speculators while HUD was ignoring housing there, and about Ben Carson was proposing 100,000 people be cut from public housing. The government offered to drop charges if Cheri gagged herself by accepting a “stay away” order from HUD, which she refused so they are taking her to trial. See a video of her arrest here. We need to pack the courtroom with supporters to bring down these trumped up charges. Please contact us if you are interested in driving down to DC or getting a ride to support her. 
  • NATO MARCHES ON MLK’S GRAVE – join us in protest against the dangerous and destructive NATO gathering, on their 70th anniversary, and also callously scheduled on the day that Dr. King was assassinated, April 4. No to WAR, No to Imperialism, No to NATO! See more info and fliers here.

The Tribulations

  • HELP CRYSTAL AND HER GIRLS! Member Crystal and her family were kicked out of their home unexpectedly and we have almost raised $1,500 necessary to get Crystal and her 2 daughters into new housing. You can send money to support Crystal and others on the Underground Railroad. Every single dollar counts.

Keep a look out for upcoming events such as the March Spring Cleaning and BBQ at our new office, Upcoming Regional Bootcamps in the South and West U.S., and Weekly Movie Night in the Summer.

Join us as a sustainer at $10-20/month? Donate at:

Towards Justice,

Cheri, Galen, and the PPEHRC Family

CRAFT NIGHTS – 1st & 3rd Wed each month, with Liz & Meg!

Liz and Meg will host CRAFT NIGHT every first and third Wednesday of the month at PPEHRC! We want a regular time to do crafts, to make things that people can sell online. A certain percentage will go to the artist, and the rest of the proceeds will go to PPEHRC. Come out, all levels of experience! Some supplies provided or bring your own. Learn and collaborate!

Text: 215-869-4753  Email:

Summer of Social Action Program

Every summer PPEHRC holds a volunteer internship program for high school and college students interested in social and economic justice. This is a great opportunity to work in a grassroots setting and learn from seasoned leaders about organizing for economic human rights.

Participants in the summer internship program will live with PPEHRC host families in North Philadelphia if housing is needed. The program runs from June 16 to August 1, but the actual dates of your attendance can be tailored to fit your availability.

For more information, or to apply, contact PPEHRC internship alumna Meaghan Russell at


2018 Poor Peoples March on Washington

This march will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign and Resurrection City erected in 1968 on the National Mall. The 2018 Poor Peoples March on Washington will begin on June 2nd from the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, the poorest District in Pennsylvania, and end on June 14th at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
For more information, check out the march website. Also, sign up to join us and donate $10 today to support this effort.

Intern with PPEHRC

Intern with PPEHRC – Our organization is dedicated to cultivating future leaders of activism to facilitate widespread change in their own communities and abroad.  As such, it offers several opportunities for internships, in multiple organizational categories:

  • #1 – Media Manager
    • Responsibilities: Media managers will utilize several of PPEHRC’s contact and media resources to keep potential donors, volunteers, members and the general population up to date on what PPEHRC is accomplishing in the world, in addition to what further assistance the campaign needs and what events will be taking place in the future.  Furthermore, managers will create flyers and advertisements for events and distribute them in mass.
    • Skills: Interns will learn how to operate important tools such as WordPress and MailChimp newsletters.  The duties also require proficient use of multiple social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other blogs.  Graphic design abilities will prove useful for developing flyers and ads that are visually appealing and effective.
  • #2 – Event Secretary
    • Responsibilities: Event Secretaries will help plan speaking engagements and events while managing calendars and planners.  Speaking engagement planning involves contacting multiple institutions of higher education, social justice organizations, churches (and other places of worship), and more.  These engagements are a large source of funding for the campaign and are thus vital to its continuing operation, while also promoting the campaigns interest in educating the public about the prevalence of poverty in America.  The Event Secretary will also work with the director of PPEHRC to develop fundraising and community-building events, which will then be handed over to the media managers for advertisement.  They also organize, regularly update, and promote event calendars to prevent the conflict of event times and keep the organization running smoothly.
    • Skills: Interns will need and refine strong organizational and communication skills to work efficiently in the face of multiple tasks.  Proficient use of online calendars and frequent email usage are crucial to the position.
  • #3 – Fundraising Director
    • Responsibilities: Fundraising Directors apply to multiple sources for grants from nonprofits and charitable foundations.  In addition, they request donations from several locations to acquire food, heating units, clothing, toys for children, and more.  Moreover, when emergency funds are needed, fundraising directors work with media managers to contact as many previous donors and members as possible to secure needed funds.  They also will constantly research and develop new events and fundraising ideas to best fund the campaign.
    • Skills: Fundraising directors will learn how to write formal donation requests, process federal and state tax forms, efficiently research under pressure, and how to professionally communicate with corporate and personal donors.

Emergency Housing for PR Evacuees

Puerto Rican evacuees who arrived in Philadelphia after losing everything due to Hurricane Maria are facing continued uncertainty about their continued housing. While emergency housing vouchers for evacuees have been extended until June, several families have fallen through the cracks and are facing homelessness.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is looking to raise $2,000 in order to house some of these families by April 1st. These families, who have already been through a great ordeal, are now confronting shelter services that do not have Spanish language services and housing assistance requirements that cause delays and do not meet the immediate housing needs of their families.

Please help today by contributing to PPEHRC’s GoFundMe Campaign and spread the word!

March For Our Lives 2018 – Strategic Webinar

Join us for a webinar on Monday, March 26th, 8-9 PM (eastern time)! We will be discussing the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign’s upcoming March for Our Lives. This will be a march from Philadelphia to Washington DC June 2-12, honoring the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s March.

The webinar will not just focus on logistic information related to the March, but also the strategic significance of the poor to continue to organize and speak for ourselves, domestically and internationally, especially at a time when the lived reality of the poor is increasingly erased by the media.

Presenters include Cheri Honkala, Galen Tyler, and Tara Colon, members of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign who are currently living below the poverty line, formerly homeless and raising children with disabilities.

To participate you must register HERE and receive a unique link to log-in. You will enjoy the fullest experience if you join the webinar through your computer although the system will provide you with a phone number in case you are unable to use a computer.

Screening of Flesh and Blood

On March 9th at 6:30pm, Philly CAM will be hosting a screening of the film Flesh and Blood (2017).

Shot in Philadelphia and featuring a local cast, FLESH AND BLOOD tells the story of Mark (writer/director Webber), a man just home from prison who must once again live with his mother and teenage half-brother. Attempting to re-integrate himself back into society and resume his life in Philadelphia, Mark is forced to revisit a community that has barely changed. Legitimate jobs are still hard to come by, and his strained relationships with both his activist mother (Cheri Honkala) and his brother with Asperger Syndrome (Guillermo Santos) are unavoidable upon his return home. Outside of his damaged home life, Mark must also resist the temptations of crime and substance abuse that would subsequently throw him back into the life he is trying so hard to move on from. Despite his abstinence, he surrounds himself with his old circle of friends, all of whom are still deep in the throes of hard partying, proving as a particularly trying test for his sobriety. Using his real mother and younger half-brother to play versions of themselves and often shooting in vérité style, Webber delivers an intimate and touching character study that effortlessly experiments with the blending of documentary and fiction.

CAST: Mark Webber, Cheri Honkala, Guillermo Santos, Madeline Brewer

Followed by a Q&A with the cast.

This screening is FREE and open to all.

Friday, March 9 at 6:30-8pm at Philly CAM, 699 Ranstead St, Philadelphia, PA 19106