March for Our Lives 2016 at the DNC

The March for Our Lives 2016 is a call upon all victims of poverty and their allies to demand real economic change from the Democratic Party.  March down broad street to challenge the Democratic Party to earn its label as the poor people’s party by reaffirming the people’s right to accessible, affordable housing, higher education, healthcare, a living wage, full restoration of city services, and more.  This historic march has taken place over the past several conventions with turnout exceeding thousands of frustrated-but optimistic-Americans; join them and remind the Democrats that the people remain united to end poverty with or without their help.


Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is stepping up its farm organizing.  We are committed to working toward a city where our communities can support themselves.  No longer will people, our friends and families and children, go hungry while vacant land sits empty and unused.  We are no longer waiting for politicians to address the problems in this the second hungriest congressional district in the nation or the 40,000 vacant lots in Philadelphia or the many environmental problems we face everyday and will increasingly face. For this, we need support from our members and friends.

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