Kenzo urban farm needs help!

kensington farmFriends, we have bad news for PPEHRC this morning. After hours and hours of hard labor from may amazing people on our farm someone came and took all of our raised beds and wood from our farm last night. We can’t let this get us down. We are growing the food on this farm because we need to feed our families. So we will continue!! We need your help too. If you have any dirt, wood, plants, lawnmowers, weed whackers, any tools for yard work, and some time to spend on the farm we really need your help.

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Terriny Morrison Enters College!







18-year-old PPEHRC member Terriny Morrison has been accepted to Elizabeth City State College, NC for the fall of 2013! Terriny has been a member of PPEHRC since the age of 3 with an arrest at the ripe age of 8 in an affordable housing struggle. To celebrate her acceptance, she is having a Trunk Party on June 15 at 4626 Sheffield Ave to which everyone is invited.

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Follow Guillermo Santos’ Walk to D.C. to Protest Public School Budget Cuts


Guillermo Santos, a student at John Moffet Elementary School, will participate in the City Wide Walk Out at noon today, May 17th, 2013 to protest the public school budget cuts.

Guillermo Santos, a 4th grader, a member of the Student Council, choir & drumming, saxophone and Jr. Fire Patrol, will walk out from his beloved John Moffet Elemetary School at noon with letters from all of the children at Moffet.

“We are both devastated and outraged that nobody seems to care about taking away our right to education.” I will make sure that the students of Moffet School will be heard.” Gillermo’s walk to Washington D.C. can be followed on his blog.

Operation Green Jobs

What are the most dire issues we face? If you’re like most Americans, you’d probably say the climate crisis and the jobs crisis. So why is Washington so obsessed with budget cuts and fossil fuels? Don’t ask members of Congress who have been purchased by corporate lobbyists, ask the ones with the receipts: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We’re leading a march of the long-term unemployed from Philadelphia, PA to Washington, DC directly to the Chamber’s front door.

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